"Read This BEFORE You Get Married!"

young man down on his knee proposing to girlfriend

     Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce.  There are fundamental issues that, unless addressed and resolved, can drastically reduce your chances of a successful and lasting marriage or relationship. If you are thinking about getting married or committing to a long term relationship, reading these questions and making sure you are clear and comfortable with each answer will prepare you for a life of happiness together.

     - Are you equally affectionate?
     - How will the household run?
     - What roles will you each play in the management of your home, children, work?
     - Do you feel good about yourselves together?
     - Do you like each other’s friends and family?
     - Do you make an effort to meet each other’s needs?
     - Could you be friends if you weren’t a couple?
     - Are you equally neat or messy?
     - Do you agree about how to spend and save money?
     - Do you both recognize how your actions affect how your partner behaves?
     - Do you agree about children in the marriage?
     - Do you agree about religion?

     Red Flags that can destroy your relationship:
    - Lying while dating
    - High conflict while dating
    - Poor communication
    - Physical or verbal abuse while dating
    - Excessive control by one of you over the other
    - Excessive criticism by one of you towards the other
    - Threatening the end of the relationship when fighting

    If all or any of these apply to you, you need to re-evaluate the health of your relationship and get professional help to deal with them.