How to Stay Productive in Quarantine

Are you having a hard time gathering up the energy to do even the most basic things in the morning? Does the task of simply replying to an email feel equal to climbing Mt. Everest? Have you lost all drive to build your career or even pursue any of your dreams at all?

Come to find out, there’s a reason for that...

With so many things changing so rapidly, your brain actually knows that being short-sighted is a safer way to cope right now. That means your brain is actually “protecting you” from having future-based goals or dreams.

So, the decrease in motivation and productivity you’re experiencing during this time is actually a deeply rooted defense mechanism. Our brains are phenomenal and just trying to keep us safe - thanks, brain!

Now that we know the “why” behind it, let’s figure out how to counteract it! Here are a few things to try in order to stay productive during quarantine even when you’re brain is telling you to shut down completely. 
  1. Create a Routine - By getting in the groove of a daily routine you’re actually saving your brain from decision-making fatigue. By “automating” your daily schedule you can give your brain some much needed rest and save its energy for more important tasks, increasing your overall productivity without putting a strain on your brain.
  2. Focus on Self Care - Come to find out, hard work and grit aren't the only ingredients in the recipe for success. Self-care is an essential part of any productive day. But, that doesn't just mean exercise and eating healthy - take time to check in with yourself and focus on protecting your mental health too.
  3. Start Small - We all need a win right now, even if it's a little one. Set a few small goals for yourself throughout the day and celebrate each and every accomplishment. It can be as little as "write 2 emails", "switch the laundry", or “eat breakfast”. By celebrating every success you’ll start training your brain that not everything is a loss and it is, in fact, safe to plan for the future a bit.
  4. Chill Out! - Don't put too much pressure on yourself!! The fastest way to lose motivation is to feel like a failure. Give yourself space to "be lazy". A few days (or weeks) of unproductiveness isn't the end of the world. We'll get through this and you'll find your mojo again on the other side, I promise!

This quarantine has affected us all differently and for some of us, the decrease in productivity and motivation has been the hardest part. These tips are a great jumping-off point but you may need extra support to get back on track. If you’re struggling with getting out of bed and staying motivated throughout the day please email me at or call my office at (310) 614-0323, I would love to help you find even more practical tips to get through this difficult time.