Got a Case of “June Gloom”?

There is a phenomenon that happens in California every year around the month of June where a unique marine layer weather pattern causes cloudy, overcast and cool skies instead of what is normally blue, sunny and warm. 

The term for this occurrence is “June Gloom” and it sounds exactly as it sounds. It’s no secret that science has found there is a strong connection that certain weather can have on our attitudes. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons...sapping your energy and making you feel moody.” This can cause us to want to withdraw and isolate ourselves from the outside world as we feel depressed and apathetic. So what do we do about this instance where we feel down?

There are simple pick-me-up things that have proven to help liven your spirits, but first I want to mention that it is OK to be sad sometimes. The goal isn’t happiness always - often there is a lot of good that can come out of resting your body, taking time for self-care and introspection. Our Western culture often requires us to be busy and “go go go!” all the time, but that may run us down faster than ever. Before you try to work yourself out of the rut, try to listen to your body and see what it might be telling you.

Simple ways to combat “June Gloom”:


Go with the flow of being tired and wanting to take it easy. Enjoy a night to yourself to do something you enjoy.

Go for a walk

Exercise can release endorphins which are the brain chemicals that help you relieve stress and pain. Being outside can help you process your feelings as your thoughts work in tandem with your movement and steps. Lace up your sneakers and try going around the block to see if you come back feeling a little better.

Find a simple way to treat yourself

Bubble baths, hiring a maid to do the deep cleaning you hate, or eating an ice cream cone with sprinkles are easy ways you can indulge, soothe, and begin to alleviate your sadness.

Talk with a therapist

There are professionals out there who are able to help you sort through what you’re feeling and what could be the underlying root causes. No one can come through life without some type of scars and you are not “broken” just because you seek outside help.

These feelings can come whether it is the month of June or not. So whether you are feeling a general “blue-ness” or it is a case of the Monday’s where you feel down for no apparent reason, be sure to be gentle with yourself. Remember that this feeling will not last forever and you will come out on the other side to feel better. Hold on to the notion that nothing is permanent and there is hope for a better future.