Making Time


We make time for the things that matter to us.

If you wrote out a list of your priorities then compared it to the actual activities you completed in the past week, perhaps you would see a discrepancy between how you’d ideally like your life to be versus how it actually is.

Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world and things will never perfectly be in balance, but it is a great exercise to see how aligned you are with your reality and your perception of your reality.

It is also a good inventory of the relationships you have around you - are people making time for you?

One person’s “I’m too busy with work and life”
is another person’s “I can make time.”

One person’s “Why are you being so dramatic?”
is another person’s “Tell me more.”

One person’s “Let’s catch up in the New Year”
is another person’s “Are you free Thursday @ 6p?”

One person’s “You are too rough around the edges”
is another person’s “I understand where you’re coming from.”

One person’s “You are wasting your time going to therapy”
is another person’s “Let’s go together.”

Do you have your priorities for yourself aligned? Are the relationships around you refueling? If not, you may want to speak to a licensed therapist as to why that may be the case.

We can’t change other people but we can make improvements in ourselves that draw us closer to health a little more each day.