Valentine's Day... Not Always a Happy Day

In western culture, February has become “the month of love." Valentine’s Day is all over convenience stores, retailers, and online marketing has even made it possible for them to directly reach your email inbox with the commodification of love. The pressure to publish that you love or be loved can feel overwhelming!

Sure, it is lovely to celebrate a romantic partner if you have one. But what happens when you’re single and /or alone on February 14th?

I encourage you to think about love in its broadest sense. Consider what you have in your life that brings you joy. Think about how you feel about your friendships, a relationship with a family member, co-workers, colleagues, children, pets, art, music, a hobby, or maybe just nature. When you celebrate these, you celebrate love.

Last, and in my opinion most important, is to think about how you can love yourself. Think about your strengths, the parts of yourself that you are grateful for.

Let Valentine’s day be your reminder to celebrate your own version of love, and most importantly the love you can give to yourself.

If you are struggling with self love, or relationships with others, please support yourself by reaching out to a professional who can guide you to make the changes you would like to make. Take a moment to call me, or another trained therapist.