The Value of Boredom


Are you a parent? School is out for the summer!

Maybe you’re bracing yourself for the repetitive phrase, ‘I’m bored!”

Is your first inclination to make sure your kids have a full summer schedule full of camps, play dates, vacations, and memory markers?

These are all wonderful, however, maybe this summer you can challenge yourself to lead your family in doing the opposite.

Here is a valuable insight to consider as summer break is in full swing: the value of boredom. In our face-paced world, it is tempting to fill our children’s schedules to brim with activities and engagements. However, allowing for unstructured time and embracing the beauty of boredom can have profound developmental benefits for our kids.

Boredom provides a unique opportunity for children and adolescents to tap into their creativity, foster independence, and develop essential life skills. When children are not constantly occupied with planning activities, they are encouraged to use their imagination, explore their interests, and create their own fun. This unstructured time allows them to become self-reliant problem solvers, as they learn to entertain themselves and discover new hobbies and passions.

Boredom also cultivates resilience and adaptability. When children are faced with moments of idleness, they are given the chance to confront their own emotions and thoughts. They learn to cope with uncomfortable feelings and discover healthy ways to navigate through them. This, in turn, enhances their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and ability to regulate their own behaviors.

Unstructured time fosters social development. When kids are not bound by a rigid schedule, they have the freedom to connect with others in a more organic manner. They learn the art of negotiation, conflict resolution, and compromise as they engage in spontaneous play and interact with their peers.

So, as summer approaches, resist the temptation to overschedule every minute of your child’s summer schedule.