7 Holiday Conversation Starters To Go Below the Surface

Over the Holidays you tend to spend a lot more time as a family than you may be used to. After you run out of the tried and true questions about the weather and jobs you may find yourself just listening to crickets in the air. Keeping a conversation going can be a bit difficult sometimes, even with family.

Take this season as an opportunity to get to know your family on a deeper level by using these easy Holiday conversation starters to elicit more than just surface-level answers.
  1. What is one of your favorite childhood Holiday memories?
  2. Do you have a favorite Holiday tradition? If so, what do you love about it?
  3. Have you started any brand new Holiday traditions as an adult? If not, what would be a tradition you think you’d want to start?
  4. What is your favorite Holiday and what do you love about it?
  5. What was your favorite gift that you received as a child?
  6. What was your favorite Holiday movie growing up? Has it changed as an adult?
  7. If you were Santa Claus what country would you be most excited to visit on Christmas Eve?

Some of these questions may seem a bit surface-level at first, but each of them are crafted to elicit a deeper response if you follow it up correctly. Make sure you listen to their answers and find something specific to respond to. Use the phrase “I love that, tell me more” often. And, answer your own questions as well so as to make it feel more like a conversation as opposed to an interrogation.

No matter how close your family is, there’s always more to learn about one another. I’d encourage you to treat this Holiday season as an exciting opportunity to get to know your family members on a deeper level - this will not only bring you closer but may also help mend a family relationship that has a few bruises from the past.

I understand that extra time with your family may not always be a positive thing. Many of us have difficult family dynamics to deal with that oftentimes become inflamed around the Holiday season. If you find yourself thinking “Why would I want conversation starters that go deeper? I’m trying to avoid conversations all together!” then maybe take a moment to check out my recent article on navigating difficult family dynamics during the Holidays. Or, email me at leemiller.therapist@gmail.com or call my office at (310) 614-0323 to set up a time to talk.