How to Be Confident in Your Skin

It’s officially that time of year again. All of the summer fun has brought countless “Get Bikini Body Ready” magazine covers with it. That phrase “bikini body” is harmful for so many reasons. First of all, a “bikini body” is simply your body, in a bikini – that’s it.

Body image isn’t just about the way that you see yourself, it is the combination of how you see your body, how you feel about your body and what you think about your body. If one of those aspects is off then all three are affected.

But, simply saying “be more confident - you’re great” is not very realistic advice. Here are a few practical ways that you can start improving the way you see, feel, and think about yourself.

Look In The Mirror  

It may seem counterintuitive but it can help. Mirror Exposure Therapy is the practice of looking at yourself in front of a full-length mirror and describing what you see out loud to a trusted friend, therapist, or family member. So, grab someone you trust and start describing what you see - you may be surprised at what it leads to.

Stop The Talk 

Fat talk is what happens when people get together and comment on how fat they feel or look it can even feel like bonding. However, that type of bonding only perpetuates negative thoughts and feelings for both yourself and others. So, stop saying “Ugh, I am so fat today”, take the opportunity to instead thank your body for how incredible and strong it is.

Become Your Own Biggest Cheerleader 

Taking compliments from others is hard enough, but giving and accepting a compliment from yourself can feel downright impossible. Practice being your own biggest cheerleader by writing down a few things that you like about your body and put it on your mirror.

The most important part of having a healthy body image is the ability to separate how we value ourselves from how we look. If our self-worth is tied to our appearance then it will constantly be in flux. The first step is to know that who you are is not the same as how you look.

Changing the way we perceive ourselves can be a long journey especially if you’re having to re-write years of negative self-talk. If you need someone to help you begin, feel free to reach out to me for an appointment. You can either email me at or call my office at (310) 614-0323.