What to Do When You're Angry

Anger gets a bad rap. This emotion specifically almost always comes with negative connotations. Anger out of control can be dangerous but that doesn’t mean it’s a completely negative emotion.

We’ll talk about how anger can be healthy in a later article but before we get there I want to give you some practical tips to deal with anger when it’s getting out of control.

Take a Deep Breath 

This sounds simple but when you’re in the moment it can be very difficult to stop and calm down. It’s easy to remember to take a few deep breaths and it’s a quick way to get your heart rate down and start calming down.

Don’t Guilt Yourself 

Like I said earlier, anger isn’t always bad. It is a natural emotion and we all feel it from time to time. Don’t let your anger turn inward and guilting yourself into an emotional pit.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

There are many different techniques that have been developed by psychologists and behaviorists that can help you relax. Meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness are just a few examples. I’ve written about mindfulness before and have shared some practical tips on how to practice mindfulness even while you’re out and about.

Discover the Root

Anger doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Even if it feels like you’re simply angry all the time there is always something deeper behind it. Try to work backwards and find the root of this emotion, that’s the first step to healing.

Anger can be a scary emotion to feel. It’s hard to control and it can lead to serious consequences if it goes unchecked. If you’re struggling with feeling angry and don’t know what to do about it, I’d love to help you practice these practical techniques and dive into the root cause together.You can email me at leemiller.therapist@gmail.com or call my office at (310) 614-0323 to schedule a time to talk.