The Power of Salt Water


The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea.

- Isak Dinesen

Although salt water may not exactly be the cure-all for everything, there is so much truth to this quote by Isak Dinesen. Here are three powerful ways that you can utilize salt water to help regulate your nervous system.


The physical connection to your body has huge effects on your mental health. Releasing toxins, producing endorphins, promoting better sleep, improving mood, weight loss, muscle recovery, heart health etc.

Whether you choose to do a run around your neighborhood or play outside with your kids, getting active in your body can be healing.


Crying is the first thing a baby does once they are born. It is completely natural and a way to communicate needs, feel the physical sensations in your body, release tension, and honor your body’s natural cues and needs.

As a Western society we don’t always value tears, especially if you identify as male it can be seen as not masculine to cry and show any vulnerability. But, cutting off one's sense of self and emotions only leads to further pain. It is healing to cry, to feel, to know yourself!


“Science says that walking barefoot helps us absorb negative ions from the earth, and due to the direct physical contact, it allows a vast supply of electrons from the surface of the earth, similar to what lighting up Himalayan pink salt lamps do.” (Resource)

The calming sounds of the ocean tide pulling in and out from the beach also mimics the familiar sounds from in utero when we were infants which instantly calms us.

So why not try one of the three ways to access salt-water sometime this week? You never know, you may just feel better afterwards!