Within 48 Hours


There is a quote circling the internet lately that says “If it still bothers you within 24 hours, speak up within 48 hours.” There is so much truth and wisdom in that message. I wanted to unpack it more together as we identify how to live out that concept.

If it still bothers you within 24 hours...

Firstly, it shows us that if something bothers us we don’t necessarily need to act immediately. If anything, that would be “reacting” immediately to the instance that upset us. It encourages us to take time to reflect, sleep on it, and identify whether or not this issue is something that really does need to be discussed or if it was something that arose out of the heat of the moment. So, give it time, let yourself think about other things in the meantime and circle back to what was bothering you.

Speak up within 48 hours…

Once you have identified that this is something to be addressed - don’t let it fester! The more time we have to mull over what wronged us, who upset us, what happened against us, etc. then the bigger the story we build in our head to blow it out of proportion. Then, if there is a longer span of time we are facing a romanticized and larger version of the incident versus what actually happened.

Sometimes we can be so blinded by our own past hurt or trauma it can be hard to identify what matters are worth discussion. In that arena, it can be helpful to talk to either a trusted friend or professional therapist. Someone with an outside perspective can help you shape your perspective on what occurred with a third party lens of objectivity which is easier said than done when you have your own emotions involved!