How to Calm Down


Overstimulated? Overworked? In need of a break after the holiday break?

There are so many things vying for our time, attention, and money this time of year it can be overwhelming. If you need a mental break, here are some ways you can calm your central nervous system down and breathe into the holiday season.

1. Humming
This can become almost meditative as you connect into your body and hum low, consistent tones. It also encourages breathing as you engage in your diaphragm and connect to your body.

2. 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding
5 things you can see around you
4 things that you can touch around you
3 things you can hear around you
2 things that you can smell around you
1 thing that you can taste around you

3. Take a bath
Water has restorative properties, but on top of that the full-body ease into hot water relaxes your muscles and forces you to sit still within the moment. Add epsom salt, candles, and aromatherapy or essential oils to add to the ambiance.

Of course, there are multiple reasons this time of year can cause anxiety and if you find yourself needing to speak with someone about it, feel free to call my office and book an appointment, my door is always open.