We Aren't All in the Same Boat


“We are not all in the same ‘boat.’
We are in the same ‘storm.’
Some have yachts, some have canoes and some are drowning.
Just be kind and help when you can.”
- Dameen Barr

So much is happening in the world - we are all still recovering from the collective trauma of a pandemic and then you throw in world conflict and it can feel all too much.

I reference this quote not to diminish anyone’s pain or difficulties they are going through, but to acknowledge that while you may seemingly be weathering the storm “better” than another person, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are weaker.

There are such things as prejudice and privilege that all can come into play as well. Although, instead of dissecting who may have been dealt a better or worse hand than you in life, I love how the author ends this - “just be kind and help when you can.”

We are all in this together. It can feel like “too much” sometimes and that’s when we need to reach out for help. Also, when we are faring well, let’s look out for one another and be of service where we can.