Mature Love


Humans love storytelling especially when it comes to the subject of romance. We enjoy starting with a “meet cute” which is followed by conflict that ultimately lands in a happily ever after. Yet, a two and half hour movie could only distill down bits and pieces of what makes a lifetime of love and never give the full picture of a real experience. 

The film industry typically likes to show young individuals getting swept off their feet, but what does it look like to invest in the long term?

There are aspects of mature love that are undervalued and underrated. But, should you be in a lengthened relationship and missing those butterfly feelings here are some concepts you can celebrate and appreciate.

Mature love…

  • Give space for each person to find their own hobbies

  • Knows there are bad days but that doesn’t waver the relationship’s foundation

  • Enjoys and appreciate one another’s souls in equal value or more than their body

  • Understands rich conversation is more valuable than text messages

  • Doesn’t compare its relationship to others

  • Is aware of the other person’s love language and values giving

Sometimes it can be difficult to appreciate what is right under your nose but taking a step back and seeing the beauty in the everyday, especially when it is underserved by the media. Yet, there are things that can go deeper than fleeting feelings that should be equally celebrated.