Dancing in the Kitchen


When was the last time you turned up the music and danced in your kitchen?

If it has been too long for you to recall that means it is time TODAY to do that. It may seem silly and frivolous but studies have shown it can be so beneficial for your own mental health to let loose and move your body.

Brain Benefits

  1. Memory Boosting
    Music enhances learning and memory - just think, how did you learn your ABC’s? Through song! Dancing also creates new neural pathways and as a result your brain has an easier time accessing stored information.

  2. Enhanced Bonding
    The University of Oxford shows that dancing (“exertive movements in synchrony”) with others enhances bonding and creates a feeling of emotional closeness.

  3. Happy Hormones
    The endorphins released from dancing in sync with another person boosts the sense of connectedness - even babies can feel it! In the book “The Art of Changing the Brain” Dr. James E. Zull suggests that there is a connection between forms of movement such as play and dance with happiness.

So, what is stopping you? Go move your body! My current song to get down to is “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest - what is yours?