Angry? Get Curious


Earlier this month I talked about how you can help someone with their first steps of regulation after they are flooded. After that, what is the next step?

Step 1: Acknowledge the feeling

Step 2: Get curious about where it came from

Anger, frustration and resentment all have the common thread of being energy in motion. Yet, so many of us do not enjoy feeling those which can lead to shame.

Are you angry or ashamed?

Resentful or feeling not fully respected?

Frustration or unable to focus?

Sometimes anger is a secondary response for..
  • A need that is not being met

  • A boundary that is being crossed

  • Something else you wish you could express in the moment

So, explore your own mind and in a moment of calm ask “how can I express myself in a way that will be authentic to who I am not not merely a reaction?”

If you’re having difficulty recognizing these underlying reasons or feelings it can make you feel overlooked and misunderstood. A licensed therapist can help you navigate this and give you healthier coping tools - feel free to reach out to my office to book an appointment or request a referral.