The Importance of Self Gratitude and How to Practice It


Gratitude gets an extra boost of attention during the holiday season. From going around the table at Thanksgiving to exchanging Holiday cards and presents, gratitude is simply in the air. But, when we think of gratitude it is oftentimes directed towards other people or things. But, have you ever stopped to be grateful for yourself?

Self gratitude is a practice where you affirm things about yourself that you appreciate and it is an incredibly important habit to nurture. This practice can include noting things that you like about yourself like your personality, skills, talents, knowledge, accomplishments, and more.

Practicing self gratitude comes with all of the same benefits as practicing gratitude except it is focused specifically on you and your relationship with yourself. It can help you feel more positive emotions towards yourself, relish good personal experiences, build a strong internal relationship, deal with adversity, and even improve your health!

Beginning the practice of self gratitude is simple. Here are three easy ways to start practicing self gratitude in your daily life.

  • Morning self affirmations - Start your day with one or two self affirmations. These are true statements about yourself that focus on the positive impact you have on yourself and the world. Write them somewhere prominent and read them out loud to start your day.

  • Write down compliments you receive - Having a hard time figuring out where to start with self affirmation? Let others start for you! Start writing down every compliment you receive and reading it back to yourself throughout the week. Soon enough you’ll be an expert at coming up with your own compliments.

  • Start journaling - I’ve written time and time again about the importance of journaling and the benefits that come with it. Journaling is a wonderful way to start your self gratitude journey as well! Spend 5-10 minutes each day journaling about your day and focus on ending your journal entry with an acknowledgment of something that you did well that day.

Self love and self gratitude may sound easy but for some it can prove difficult. Breaking down years of negative self talk and false perception of self can be a long journey. If you find yourself having a hard time finding self gratitude in your daily life and need help to uncover why, please reach out to schedule an appointment.