We are officially in Summer! The sun is hot in most climates this time of year, people are planning vacations and travel plans, and the daylight stays light a little later into the evenings.

Just like the changes in the seasons, there is a distinctive nature to the concept of change. It may be the same physical location but you experience it completely differently depending on what season you are in.

Are you in a season of change?

If so, there can be sooo many accompanying emotions you may be processing with that.

  • Anger - “I don’t want things to change, I liked them the way they were!”

  • Loneliness - “I don’t know who I am anymore, where do I belong?”

  • Excitement - “I can’t wait to find out what is next”

  • Grief - “Why did this have to end? I miss it”

  • Gratitude - “I’m thankful for the past and all that it brought me”

  • Anxiety - “I no longer know what to expect and I miss the familiarity”

  • Relief - “I’m so glad for that to be over, I can finally exhale”

Whenever things are moving around us, it makes sense that our internal world can be a bit off-kilter. If reading that list even made you feel even a little bit less alone, I’m grateful you found this page. But, should you still feel out of sorts in the chaos of change, feel free to reach out to my office and book an appointment. Licensed therapists are here to help you navigate the changing tides of life and to help give you skills to cope as things progress onward.